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Tara's Tiny Trailer

March 16, 2022


Tara Chandler


Ellensburg, WA

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Tara of Tara’s Tiny Trailer calls herself an “aggressive weekend nomad”. Every single weekend she packs up the trailer and heads out on a camping trip to some destination around the PNW.

And really, the destination doesn’t even matter. It’s more about just getting out there. “I will stalk the State Recreation website looking for openings,” said Tara, “because campsites are so booked. Sometimes I don’t know where I’m going that weekend until Thursday!”

Tara’s a national sales director for a hotel chain. She’s worked for the company for 11 years and constantly travels for work. Whether it was around the country or internationally, travel has always been a part of her lifestyle.

But when COVID-19 hit the country, like for just about everyone, things changed. To stay safe while continuing to travel she wanted to find a self enclosed way to do it.

She had been looking at campers for a long time, because she wanted to give her at home kids (11 and 13 plus one more that’s already flown the coop), the same outdoor experiences that she loved as a kid. But the average motorhome or trailer camper just didn’t appeal to her.

She grew up going motorhome camping with her family. They rode motorcycles and spent lots of time outside around eastern Washington, where she grew up and still lives today. But she wasn’t looking for the standard RV she grew up with.

“I was trying to find something I could deal with myself, and I didn’t want to deal with any of the bathroom stuff or scary things with the big campers” laughs Tara, “I wanted something small and I was googling and I found Happier Camper.”

Happier Camper is a modern travel trailer company based in Southern California that builds customizable modular trailers that are easily towed by any vehicle.

The trailers are absolutely adorable with retro style but all the modern comforts. The modular design allows you to sleep up to a family of five, be totally off the grid, and even have a kitchenette and bathroom — all in a 13 foot long space.

This was the perfect solution for Tara, who wanted the cute style and lightweight design, with the function and dependability of being able to fit the whole family — it even has bunk beds for the kids!

And speaking of the kids, they (somewhat grudgingly) love the trips they get to take with their mom. “They put up a fuss at the beginning, but then we always have a blast,” said Tara, “we rent kayaks, go on hikes, find water to swim in, we’re always doing something.”

She tries to bring a fun activity into every trip they take.

Last summer she took the kids out to Mt St Helen’s to visit the spot where Mount Saint Helens Lodge used to be at Spirit Lake. Tara’s grandfather, Harry Truman, ran the lodge and refused to leave the mountain while it erupted. He’s an icon in the PNW for his love of the mountain, and she wanted to take her kids to the mountain that means so much to their family. They also got to explore a trail that takes you into old lava tubes.

This month, they’re all heading down to California to visit the Happier Camper headquarters and make some updates to the camper including adding air conditioning. The week+ long trip will be the longest trip Tara’s taken in the camper with the kids, and she’s not sure how it will go yet. But they’re planning to visit the Redwoods, the coast, and Crater Lake, and more.

Keep an eye out for Selk’bag instagram takeovers from Tara while they’re on their trip!

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