selkbag camping sleeping bag

Turn your living room into your very own campsite

April 30, 2020

We are all missing the outdoors, but why not morph a portion of your home into a full-blown campsite?

During a period when many of us are spending more time than ever indoors, it’s become increasingly important to find space for the things that bring us comfort. Even if that means getting a computer-screen campfire crackling.

Be Creative

Setting up your site is half the fun of camping, right? Hang your outdoor-themed posters on the wall, create a fake fire pit, and arrange plants near your space.


Invite your bestie

No leash laws at this spot. Doggos make for great indoor camp companions (as long as you can keep them from hogging the tent).



Stream Nature

Take advantage of your Wi-Fi connection like these two did by streaming a campfire, a starry sky or forest sounds from your device.



Step Outside

Craving fresh air? If it’s possible, retreat to your yard or patio to set up your site as this camper did. Then you can take your conference calls from the comfort of your tent.


Light it up!

Create some cool and cozy ambience by decorating their setup with some snazzy lights.



Have fun!

You don't need to have the best of the latest gear, just good ideas a little bit of imagination to feel you are camping outside. In the end, it's all about having fun and enjoy with your loved ones!

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Size Chart

A proper fit is essential to fully enjoying all the Selk'bag has to offer.  Please note, that the sizing recommendations are meant for people of average weight and sizing is impacted by user weight.  For example, a Selk'bag will fit a person of below average weight with a taller frame that exceeds the guidelines.  Likewise, a person of above average weight will require a bag meant for someone taller.

In-between sizes?  Please first consider the weight recommendations in the previous paragraph.  Second, please understand that a looser fit is better for more comfortable sleeping, while a tighter fit is better for mobility - but may restrict sleeping comfort if booties are left on.

We always recommend to size up if you are not completely sure. It's better to have a little bit more room while using your Selk'bag!

Please mind that our Original 6G model due to highest loft of insulation (contains more padding insulation that Lite 6G) makes it more snug, so we recommend to size up if you are 1'' to 3'' below the in between size range (i.e if you are getting the Original 6G and you are 5'9'' we recommend getting an XL)


Size Small
Fits up to 4’11’’ / 150 cm Tall
It can fit up to 5'4'' if you intend to use it without booties


Size Medium
Fits up to 5’5’’ / 165 cm Tall
If you are between 4'11'' and 5'5'' this is your size. It can fit up to 5'9'' if you intend to use it without booties


Size Large
Fits up to 5’11’’ / 180 cm Tall

If you are between 5'5'' and 5'11'' this is your size. It can fit up to 6'1'' if you intend to use it without booties


Size X-Large
Fits up to 6’4’’ / 193 cm Tall
If you are between 5'11'' and 6'4'' this is your size. It can fit up to 6'5'' if you intend to use it without booties


Size X-Large Wide
Same as X-Large, but for heavier body types (approx. +2'' in girth throughout the torso vs X-Large)

Realtree models only