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Selk'bag Stories

Selk'bag stories are original content produced by Selk'bag for our users to help give life to the Selk'bag concept. As an extremely unique and new idea we'd like to share our vision for the Selk'bag through these stories.


Camping Comfort - Beyond the Sleeping Bag

Blue lips, quaking hands, howling wind—remember that camping trip as a kid, the one when Dad shuffled off to his sleeping bag at 7:30 p.m., long before anyone else? How about the time you were 100% convinced that there was a bear snorting around outside, so you didn’t sleep a wink. We all have a memory like that, a frozen journey to the heart of a family outing gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Never. Again.


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The Death of the Sleeping Bag (Finally)

Are you still confining yourself to a mummy bag? Nothing personal, but we have a better way to sleep, lounge, and play. Don’t let us discourage you, though; if a confining, suffocating, straitjacket feel is your thing, then dive right back into your sleeping bag and zip ‘er up.

If freedom is more of your thing, read on.


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How to be a Super Hero - Embrace Your Secret Identity

Who knew camping, lounging, adventuring, and hanging could be so unexpectedly…super? A Selk’bag is to sleeping bags what a superhero is to regular people: powerful, inspiring, tough, and downright good! No surprise then, that Selk’bag invited a select cast of superheroes to the slumber party.


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