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Selk'bag Product Care

Please see below for a full description on how to care for your Selk'bag Sleepwear System, no matter the Selk'bag or generation of Selk'bag you own.
Selk'bag Product Care

To download the complete set of care instructions in PDF format, click here.

Congratulations on owning the most innovative, fun, and comfortable sleeping product available today!  The Selk'bag should last a long time and be with you on many an adventure, that is, if you care for it  properly! Please follow the following recommendations for caring for your Selk'bag Sleepwear System.

Musuc recommends that you first refer to the care label attached to your Selk bag stuff sack. Please refer to the following website for a thorough interpretation of care label symbols:  The following are additional recommendations for caring for your Selk’bag.

First things first: pull your bag out of its stuff sack and let it regain its loft overnight!

Storing Your Selk’bag
When not using your Selk’bag, there are a few things to remember:

− It is important to store your bag in a cool, dry place. With good ventilation your bag will be able to keep its loft for the lifetime that it was intended.
− Be sure that your Selk’bag is dry before storing. If your bag is not completely dry before storage it is possible to experience mildew formation before the next use. (For tips on drying your Selk’bag see the Drying Your Selk’bag section below)
− Musuc recommends that you do not store your Selk’bag in a stuff sack for extended periods of time. Stuff sacks, although great for saving space and providing convenience during your trip, are not recommended for storing your Selk’bag for long periods of time. The compression created in a stuff sack may damage the loft and damage the Selk’bag itself over time. Instead, Musuc recommends that you store your Selk’bag flat, hanging over a sleeping bag hanger, or better, in a large nylon or cotton bag (laundry bags work well for this).
− Musuc recommends that you do not store your Selk’bag in any type of watertight storage bag (like trash bags). These bags typically prevent proper ventilation and can be another source of mildew formation.

Washing Your Selk'bag
General Instructions can be found on the outside of your stuff sack, but here are some other things to consider before washing your Selk’bag. Remember, damage inflicted through washing your Selk’bag will not be covered under Musuc’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, so please wash with extreme caution.
− Musuc recommends that you spot clean your bag after each use to keep your product as clean as possible without having to wash the entire bag.
− Never dry clean your Selk’bag. The chemicals used at dry cleaners may be harmful to the Selk’bag, potentially causing a reduction in loft and thermal efficiency. There are some professional cleaning services that specialize in washing sleeping bags. However, these types of cleaners may or may not be available in your area; just remember that you should not use your normal dry cleaning service.
− When washing your bag at home remember the following:
− Be sure to use a small amount of light powder detergent or special synthetic cleaning product. Do not use any liquid detergent or strong powders, which may be hard to remove from the materials after washing.
− Musuc recommends that you hand wash your Selk’bag in a large container with cool water and a small amount of a light powder detergent or special synthetic cleaning product.
− Rinse your bag several times to be sure that all of the detergent is removed. Musuc recommends using at least two rinse cycles.
− Although machine washing is not recommended for your Selk’bag, if you must use a washing machine be sure to use a front-loading machine. Do not use a top-loading machine; the agitator function could harm your bag. Before starting sure to zip up all zippers and turn the bag inside out. Wash on the gentle cycle with cool water and a light powder detergent or special synthetic cleaning product.

Drying Your Selk’bag
Drying your Selk’bag, whether out of the washer or after use, should be done with extreme caution. Damage inflicted through the drying of your Selk’bag will not be covered under Musuc’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
− Do not dry your Selk’bag in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The UV rays may damage the nylon on your bag. Air drying is recommended by Musuc because it is the safest option for your Selk’bag. When air drying you may hang your bag on a line or place it on top of something. The process may take a long time, but is important part of caring for your Selk’bag.
− Musuc does not recommend the use of any machine dryers, especially normal household machine dryers. Most household dryers have a tendency to burn holes in the insulation of the bags.
− Although not recommended, if you must machine dry your Selk’bag, Musuc recommends that you use a large commercial dryer. Large commercial dryers will allow the Selk’bag to move around freely. Use very low or no heat. This process will take several hours, and you must check your bag often to be sure that it is not being overheated. Be sure to check that the insulation in your Selk’bag is evenly distributed throughout the process.
Other General Care for Your Selk'bag
Here are some other general reminders for caring for your Selk’bag.
− When putting your Selk’bag into the stuff sack do not roll or fold it, instead, as the name states, stuff the bag into the stuff sack. Stuffing will create less stress on the bag’s fabrics and insulation and allow the thermal performance to preserve itself over time.
− When removing your bag from the stuff sack be sure to remove it carefully, as to not damage any part of the fabric, insulation, or stitching.
− If you are not using your Selk’bag for an extended period of time, be sure to air and fluff it out periodically. Musuc recommends that this is done every few months when the bag is not in regular use.
− To prevent any damage to the insulation Musuc recommends that you wear clothing underneath your Selk’bag. Clothing will help to prevent body oils and sweat from accumulating inside and damaging your bag overtime, plus you’ll get the added benefit of greater thermal performance!

Remember, the temperature ratings of the Selk’bag are based on the EN13537 testing standard,which assumes the wearer is a female wearing only the Selk’bag.  For more information on the sleeping bag testing standard EN13537, please visit this link:

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