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Your personal reviews of the Selk'bag are extremely valuable to both us and other potential users of the Selk'bag Sleepwear System.  If you have purchased from us before, you can login to your account and post a review of the product by clicking here.

Enjoy a few hand-selected reviews of the Selk'bag below.  We will post additional reviews as they are published. Gives Detailed Review on Selk'bag Sleepwear System!

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Or watch the review here: 

OhGizmo! Reviews Lightweight and Portability Aspects of Selk'bag 4G Lite!

Click here:’bag-introduces-the-4g-lite-makes-sleeping-anywhere-and-everywhere-even-easier/

"I'm the type of person who literally feels like they're in a straightjacket when zipped into a conventional sleeping bag.  I can't stand it.  So when camping I'll usually go to bed with my sleeping bag completely unzipped, and more often than not I'll spend the night feling cold adn equally uncomfortable..."

"Momma Told Me" to tell you to read this Selk'bag review!

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"Momma Told Me: You can't go out like that, you'll freeze your bum off!  Having grown up in Southern California, it's no secret that my impression of the 'elements' is based loosely on 50 degree 'Winters' and skylines scattered with tall palms swaying in the warm Santa Anas. Even as I type, it's a clear 75 degree February evening, and the dry winds..."

CityTV, Vancouver, CA has some fun with Selk'bag 3G!

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Our friends over at CityTV have fun wearing the Selk'bag 3G on set.

Gear Patrol reviews Selk'bag 3G Adult!

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" we bring you another outdoor product from the 'thinking outside the box' category: a sleeping bag with legs."

Outdoor Baby reviews Selk'bag 3G Kids!

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"As I raise my head to greet a desert camping sunrise, I am attacked by a pink Sasquatch.  With squeals and laughter my daughter leaps on my recumbent body.  She is encased in her perfectly pink Selk Sleeping Bag...."

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