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About the Creator

Created by Rodrigo Alonso in 2006, the Selk'bag Sleepwear System is part of a family of exceptionally innovative, fun, and highly useful products.  We invite you to learn more about Rodrigo Alonso and his Happy Ideas Lab at Musuchouse.


About Rodrigo Alonso

About Musuchouse

Rodrigo Alonso Schramm

Rodrigo Alonso Schramm is a Graphic Designer, with recognized experience in the world of publicity. He is a noticeable academic of various universities and workshops in Chile and Latin America. Rodrigo has worked extensively with large international brands such as Renault, Lucky Strike, Warner Bros, and Sony among others. He is the creator of the studio-laboratory Musuc.

Rodrigo's work has been extensively recognized and published in numerous media such as GQ Style, Playboy of Holland, Egg of Japan, Flaunt, Elle, in the Museum of Art of Denver and on more than 153,000 websites worldwide. His work has also been exhibited at fairs and expositions of international design like the Biennial of Design of Korea: Gwangju Design Biennale 2007 (GDB 2007), DESIGNFLUX as the only Latin-American, in The I Biennial Latin American of Design (BID), and at the symposium of design Passiontour next to Karim Rashid and other renowned international and national designers.

His creations have also appeared in TV shows such as MTV, the EMMY awards, ABC's The Bachelor, and The Apprentice. His designs are sold in more than 15 countries and he has won numerous prizes worldwide.

Check out the home of the Selk'bag at Musuchouse.

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Musuchouse Happy Ideas Lab

"Altiro, si po”. (“right now” said in a very Chilean way) reflects synthetically what we are in my country Chile and also in most of Latin America.  We want  things now, without waiting, even though we indebt ourselves to get what we want, or spend our whole salary the first day of the month without worrying what will happen tomorrow. We want immediacy. What’s important is to be happy “al tiro”.

Our modern culture (not older than 500 years), almost always bills us. We are new in many things, inpatient, we don’t like to wait, innocent for too long, insolent from now on. We understand that heritage and identity is forging with all of the world’s eyes on us. Based on many successes and mistakes, we learn every day, like a sponge, we are the new continent. It’s interesting to return this “watch” to the world (from the “end of the world”) and shout that this constant “party” that moves our day is the engine to understand everything in a totally different way and to solve things differently, many times with nothing simpler than a smile. Ideas and people who make us laugh carve our souls and we never forget them.

Welcome to my Happy Ideas Lab.

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