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Inspired by the lost Selk'nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, the Selk'bag has a rich history of innovation, technical proficiency, and worldwide recognition from its creation in 2006 through today. 

What is a Selk'bag?

A Selk'bag is essentially a wearable, human-shaped sleeping bag...and it's awesome!  Our customers love us for the comfort, warmth and versatility of the Selk'bag and how it allows them to experience these qualities virtually anywhere, awake or asleep!

Read more on how we came to be below...

Selk'bag = Selk'nam + Sleeping Bag

Selk'bag History


We're frequently asked from where the Selk'bag name originated.  We were inspired by the Selk'nam of Chile.
Here's some background:

The Selk'nam (meaning “men”) as they called themselves, were nomads who lived in Chile’s austral extreme. This area was previously known as the Land of Smoke and now the Land of Fire.  Tierra del Fuego as it's called in Spanish, received it's name from the numerous bonfires the natives would light at night to ward off conquerors passing in the open seas. Hunters and gatherers, the Selk'nam were characterized by their tall height (5’11” on average), physical strength and toughness in adapting to the most hostile and extreme environments. Their silent resistance to freezing temperatures, fatigue, hunger and thirst won them respect from Europeans and fear from their enemies and neighbors.

The Selk'nam were highly concerned with their personal presentation. They relished any opportunity to paint their bodies and faces. In fact, the initiation ceremony known as Hain was a defining moment in Selk'nam culture in which teenage males would pass to adulthood through numerous mental and physical tests lasting months on end. These ceremonies were highly secretive meetings organized by adult men who would simulate spirits of the universe with very well-defined figures and personalities. Some of these spirits were believed to have emerged from the depths of the earth and others from the sky. With the help of guanaco leather masks, tree bark, body paint and other earthly elements, these actors managed to successfully conceal their human condition and emulate the spirits.

Once, at the end of the 19th century, a European researcher who was studying the Selk'nam saw one of their men naked in the snow and asked him why he wasn’t cold.  The researcher continued to state that people should only leave their face uncovered in such conditions.

The Selk'nam replied: “I am all face”.

The aesthetic essence of this nomadic culture, as the greatest gesture toward movement and resistance to the most adverse weather conditions, as well as the disappeared Selk'nam tribe, has been the foundation and concept for the image of this product, the Selk'bag. We hope that by learning about the Selk'bag, our fans ultimately learn about this great culture and the work done to 
recover their contribution to our heritage as Americans, Chileans and humans.

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Selk'bag History

Originally developed in 2006, the Selk'bag Sleepwear System was created by Rodrigo Alonso of Musuchouse in Santiago, Chile.  Winning regional praise and recognition, Rodrigo Alonso commercialized the Selk'bag working with Lippi Outdoor, a 30-year-old technical mountain gear company also of Santiago, Chile later that year.  

In February 2007, the Selk'bag made its debut in Europe at the ISPO sporting goods show in Munich, Germany, becoming a Brand New Award Finalist, a prestigious honor for new outdoor products in the European market. 

The Selk'bag made its debut in the U.S. market in August 2008 and immediately became a sensation in the outdoor world.  Appearing in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC's The Bachelor, and many other publications and television shows the Selk'bag has received a tremendous reception for its innovative design, practical functionality, and performance.  Later that year, the Selk'bag was named "Consumer Product of the Year" by Chile Diseno.

In 2009, Selk'bag 3G made its debut with new models for Kids (Selk'bag 3G Kids) and adults (Selk'bag 3G Down), as Rodrigo and company launched Musuc Outdoors with a renewed focus on innovation and fun for all outdoor enthusiasts.   

Finally, in Spring 2013, Selk'bag USA was created to launch the Selk'bag brand into the U.S. market.  Leading in with Selk'bag 4G the company has steadily grown it's presence and it's lineup by adding new products (Selk'bag Patagon) and it's Marvel line of "I am" concept Selk'bags.  

We invite you to enjoy the warmth, comfort and practical functiona of this award-winning, innovative and fun sleepwear system!


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